Here is a Free Downloadable Checklist: What to Pack for On the Plane

Always be aware of what the weight restrictions for carry on luggage are for all airlines. Some airlines, rightfully so, are very strict about the weight, and also what you can and cannot take on the plane.

However, make sure that you are prepared with things you will need for both short and long flights.

Download it now

Free Checklist- On the Plane


Passport You just have to have it.
Wallet, cash, credit cards you sometimes need to buy things on the plane


iPad or Kindle. Preloaded with books and movies.
Noise-reducing Headphones.


You need them
Books or magazines


Scarf, or jumper planes get cold
Earplugs Better than nothing
Eye mask The best thing to block out the lights.
Itinerary with flight, hotel and car reservations plus all other documents. You may need to show these when you enter another country.
Pen. For filling out immigration and customs forms.
Hand sanitiser. It pays to be safe.
Face wipes. After a meal, and when you just need to freshen up
Lip balm. Planes dry you out
Tablet device with power cord, Charger and adapter plug. Many airline seats now feature USB ports to keep you charged all the way.
Daily medications and vitamins. Anything you might need to take daily, plus any prescription meds.

PLUS a doctors letter saying that these are prescribed

Change of Socks, underwear. Self explanatory